eGamingFund is a company that came about from a love of eGaming and game development, as well as a fascination for crypto and blockchain technology. With a background in game development, online gaming and an avid interest in crypto, we felt there should be more scope for using blockchain to power a whole gaming ecosystem. We think we’ve covered everything from game playing, game development and just pure game fandom with eGamingFund.



A platform made for game players, game operators and game developers alike. Focusing on free-to-play gaming, we specialize in casino games and online gambling.


Use our gaming crypto token, the GFG. Anyone with GFG will be able to use GFG to buy new games, make in-game purchases and win at the poker table!


The biggest and latest games are available for free, all HTML5 and 5G optimized, ready for the next generation of gamers.


eGF Creator gives anybody the tools to build their own game using unique drag and drop functionality. Unlock technical, commercial and marketing features with Creator.


A platform that rewards its game players, game operators, and game developers. Earn extra GFG through social referrals, reviews and promotions.


The rewards system is truly player-controlled. With blockchain comes transparency, accountability and fairness, whilst eliminating any concerns of dishonesty.


  • Community allocation
  • Main founding team
  • Angel investors
  • Eco-based incentives
  • Community content reward

GFG (eGaming Fund Gold) is the token of the eGamingFund community.
The total amount of GFG tokens is 5 billion (5,000,000,000).
This will never be increased.


Oliver Wu

Dr. Oliver Wu is the producer behind various MMO online games, having been the overseas President of a large publicly listed games company. With more than a decade working in eGaming, he is both renowned and respected in the Asian markets. An early adaptor of crypto, Oliver has been involved in various blockchain projects relating to gaming and healthcare, among others. Now living in the Isle of Man, he recently joined the advisory board of CasinoCoin foundation.

Gareth George McIntosh

Europe and The Americas
A crypto enthusiast with over 15 years’ experience in the online poker industry, George was recently the Managing director of GreySnow Poker. Prior to this, he worked at PokerStars as North America Marketing Manager and, more recently, he successfully launched the PokerStars Portugal site in this newly regulated market. His field of expertise lies in digital marketing, and the strategizing and execution of marketing campaigns. A keen snowboarder, he resides in Malta.


John Caldwell

Director of Advocacy, CasinoCoin Foundation
One of the original members of the CasinoCoin Foundation, John’s gaming experience started as the CEO of PokerNews.com where he helped the company grow from 3 to over 70 employees. After this, came PokerStars, where he worked in a director capacity on the Executive and marketing leadership teams. Outside of online gaming, John worked in the music industry, managing both Stone Temple Pilots and Hootie & the Blowfish.

Duncan Cameron

Technical Director, CasinoCoin Foundation
Duncan is a founder of CasinoCoin itself and of the Foundation. While at PokerStars, Duncan managed the building and launch of their App. He also created PokerStars’ Business Intelligence back-end information reporting systems. He has a passion for boats and boating (from his Royal Navy days), as well as having an avid interest in the crypto scene.

Feng Tao

Chairman, New Margin
Feng Tao is the creator of Sina and has built up a portfolio of successful enterprises. In 2017. Feng was among the top 3 best venture capitalists selected by Forbes China (with Shen Nanpeng and others). In the early days of blockchain, he was a supporter of INB, OK, NEO, BigONE and Beechat, among others.

Li Chong

Founder, PPTV
Li Chong is an eGamingFund angel investor. He is also a backer of DL Capital and co-founder of PPTV. His main investment interests are largely based around mobile internet and blockchain technology.


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NewMargin Ventures

DL Capitals






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